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World Record


Previous record for doing maximum number in one day was 27 cases only by Ramesh B Patel of Ahemdabad. He has named his technique as MISP (MINIMAL INVASIVE SURGERY FOR PILES). Operations for piles are done daily. Patients are supposed to come before 11am preferably Patients are discharged same day usually. Apart from piles other operation are also done daily (visit achievements section for details)

Timing and Schedule


Hospital is open 24 hours a day as for as emergencies are concerned Opening timings are from 9 to 3 morning and from 5 to 7 in the evening Patient who want to get operated for piles should report before 10 am in morning so that they can go back easily. The Patient who is coming from far of places there is provision of a/c rooms which are comfortable and patient can stay over night.